September Philanthropy Update



SDBB’s impact is stronger than ever, thanks to the growing support of our community. Together, we are bringing new growth, new medical advancements, new partnerships and cultivating new generations of financial and blood donors who share SDBB’s commitment to saving lives.

We love what we do, and we care about our community’s health and wellness. From blood drives to the distribution of blood products for local hospitals and patients, to advancements in research, precision blood and cell therapy – every aspect of our mission puts the health and wellness of our community first.

SDBB remains ready to assist at the national and international level when called upon, especially now as we reflect as a nation on recent tragedies. We received an overwhelming amount of calls asking about how community members could honor the victims following the shootings in Dayton and Texas. SDBB set a donation code to allow blood donors to give blood in honor of the victims and partnered with Kramer and Geena and Channel 93.3 to hold a mobile blood drive in response. The drive successfully collected 54 units impacting up to 162 lives.

The generosity of our blood donors, financial donors, volunteers and dedicated staff have shaped San Diego Blood Bank into the organization it is today.

SDBB’s philanthropic partners are at the heart of our mission – Saving Lives Today. Improving Life Tomorrow. We value your generous support and partnership – thank you! Enjoy September’s philanthropy update.

Together, we give the gift of life. 

With gratitude,


David Wellis, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Sherry Serio
Vice President of Development




Charlene Waddell was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, which metastasized to her liver. She needed multiple blood transfusions as part of her treatment. She is now healthy and an advocate for blood donation.

Without the support of financial donations and blood donors who give the gift of life, Charlene would not be here today.



Mae Goldman is all smiles at SDBB’s East County Donor Center, where she volunteers every Tuesday.

Mae Goldman is all smiles at SDBB’s East County Donor Center, where she volunteers every Tuesday.


On September 15, Mae celebrates a big milestone – 15 years of volunteer service!

Mae Goldman is a treasured member of the SDBB family – she's a dedicated volunteer, selfless blood donor and a generous financial supporter. Chances are that you have met Mae Goldman in the East County Donor Center (ECDC) canteen or have been greeted by her at one of SDBB’s many mobile blood drives.

Mae was a regular blood donor with San Diego Blood Bank when she saw a sign about volunteering. Mae joined the ECDC Volunteer roster in 2004 shortly after she retired from 38 years as an elementary school teacher. Mae has dedicated between 800 and 1000 hours to San Diego Blood Bank donor centers and mobile drives each year, with a whopping total of more than 11,000 hours served.

Mae shared that donating her time makes her feel like she’s doing something important and for a great cause – saving lives.

Volunteering with the San Diego Blood Bank has provided me the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, meet interesting people and learn more about how valuable blood is. The staff and donors make the volunteers feel appreciated. Having met many blood recipients makes me feel thankful for being healthy and able to enjoy my family and friends, and to participate in everyday life.
— Mae Goldman

THANK YOU, Mae, for your generous support and commitment to our mission. It’s because of givers like you that SDBB can continue its work.

Read more about Mae’s story on our Blog.





Thank you to the San Diego Woman’s Club for their generous gift of $10,000 in support of SDBB’s Campaign for Life.

Their gift made it possible for SDBB to reach 50% of our campaign goal to purchase 7 out of 14 new Trimas systems.

Our sincere gratitude for the San Diego Woman’s Club and their partnership in saving lives.




Rest Haven Children’s Health Fund (RHCHF) has awarded a $36,000 grant to San Diego Blood Bank to purchase one Trima system.

RHCHF is nonprofit endowment fund that assists children in San Diego and Imperial Counties with health related needs.




SDBB cares about the health of our community and we encourage you and your loved ones to maintain a healthy diet. Learn which healthy foods you should add to your daily routine, recommended by nutritionists in the article below!



Foods Nutritionists Eat Every DaY

If you want a healthy diet, why not take tips from the experts: Nutritionists reveal the foods they eat every day—and why they should be on your menu.

  1. NUTS

    Nutritionists are nuts about nuts, and for good reason. They provide plant-based protein, heart-healthy fats, and fiber to keep you feeling satisfied. Kristie LeBeau, RDN, a dietitian in Redlands, CA, eats nuts every day because “research has shown they have many health benefits including promoting a healthy weight and a reduction in heart disease risk factors.”

    Kate Chury, RD, makes it a habit to eat two Brazil nuts every day because they’re rich in selenium. “Selenium is an essential micronutrient that has antioxidant properties and is involved in thyroid health, the immune system, and fertility,” Chury says. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest that eating two Brazil nuts a day can improve selenium status, she says.


    Whether it’s spinach or kale in their smoothies, big salads at lunch or roasted Brussels sprouts at dinner, greens are on nutritionists’ daily menu. They’re rich in nutrients such as folate, a B vitamin you need for healthy red blood cells, beta-carotene and lutein for healthy eyes, and vitamin K for blood clotting.

    Melissa Groves, RDN, owner of Avocado Grove Nutrition in Portsmouth, NH, eats her greens daily. She explains, “A recent study showed that people who ate at least one serving a day of leafy greens experienced slower cognitive decline than people who didn’t, equating to being 11 years younger!”


    Nutritionists love raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries because they’re all rich in fiber and vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant. A recent study in the European Journal of Nutrition found that older adults who get the equivalent of one cup of fresh blueberries every day (they took it in the form of 24 grams of freeze-dried blueberry powder) did better on tests of brainpower than people who got a placebo. Talk about brain food!


    As a nutritionist, I have some avocado every day on toast, as a dip for vegetables, and as a good fat in my desserts. Avocados are packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, also known as omega-9s. This creamy fruit is also a good source of fiber for healthy digestion. Plus, avocados are a good source of vitamin K, a nutrient that’s important for bone health.


    Yogurt gets top marks from nutritionists thanks to its healthy probiotic bacteria. Most choose Greek yogurt for an extra boost of protein for muscle growth and maintenance. “Many Americans are falling short on their daily calcium. A cup of plain Greek yogurt provides about 1/4 of the calcium needed daily by most Americans,” says Joan Salge Blake, RDN, a clinical associate professor at Boston University.

    Jess Cording, RDN, a dietitian in New York City, agrees: “Aside from providing satisfying protein, the probiotic bacteria in the yogurt are beneficial for digestive health, immune system function, and supporting clear gut-brain communication.”

  6. BEANS

    Not only are beans high in fiber, they’re rich in plant-based protein. Nutritionists love beans, lentils, and chickpeas (collectively known as pulses) in everything from chili, pasta, and soups to salads and pureed into baked goods. Jessica Spiro, RD, a San Diego-based dietitian, says she eats beans every day because “they contain a variety of vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, iron, and zinc. They are also affordable and versatile.”

    Sharon Palmer, RD, a dietitian in Duarte, CA, points out that pulses are an important part of her daily menu thanks to their disease-fighting phytochemicals. Some of these compounds could protect cells from damage that’s linked to cancer, especially colon cancer, according to a study in the journal Foods.

  7. OATS

    Fiber-rich oats hold a special place in the hearts of nutritionists—and it’s time to welcome them into your day! Eating oats helps lower unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels, so they’re a great choice for heart health. Dianna Dillon, RDN, of Kansas City, MO, shares that, “Oats are super filling and loaded with soluble fiber—specifically beta glucan—to keep me feeling full and fueled.”

15 Foods Nutritionists Eat Every Day—And So Should You
Authored by Christy Brissette, MS, RD |
Published 3/8/2019 & Updated 8/30/2019

High school blood drive program & scholarship

Did you know that every school year, SDBB challenges local high school seniors to host blood drives and get involved in the community to earn scholarship funds for their schools?

Last year, 20 participating high schools met their challenge goals and received a total of $35,900 in scholarship funds for their respective schools! Congrats to all of you!

Graduating high school seniors who are active in the High School Blood Drive Challenge program can apply for SDBB's High School Scholarship to help fuel their academic careers. SDBB proudly awarded 6 scholarship applicants a total of $3,000 for their exemplary leadership, academic excellence, and community service this past year.

Last school year, our local high schools held more than 170 blood drives from mid-August to mid-June. We are grateful for the enthusiastic students who rally their communities to help their senior class meet their challenge goals AND truly make a difference in the lives of those who need blood.

Learn how you can support this amazing program here.

Want to become a corporate sponsor to help fuel our High School Blood Drive Program & Scholarship Fund? Contact us at

FY19 High School Blood Drive Challenge Program
Scholarship Winners


Abraxas High School
Mountain Empire High School
Julian High School
Calipatria High School
Health & Sciences High & Middle College
Calvary Murrieta High School
Hilltop High School
Murrieta Valley High School
Southwest High School
Oceanside High School

Temescal Canyon High School
La Jolla High School
Fallbrook High School
Lakeside High School
Calexico High School
Sweetwater High School
Imperial High School
Ortega High School
Crawford High School
Murrieta Mesa High School


High School Blood Drives featured on Instagram! #sandiegobloodbank





We have successfully reached 50% of our funding goal of $504,000 to replace 14 Trimas.

To date, we have raised $252,000 to purchase 7 out of 14 Trima systems to meet our campaign goal by January 2020. Make a financial gift to support Campaign for Life to help fund the remaining seven needed Trima systems!


A Trima system separates whole blood into platelets, plasma and red blood cells through a process called apheresis. Through a safe, closed-loop system, the components of blood that are not needed are returned to the donor, resulting in less fluid loss and more specialized blood products for specific patient needs.

(Pictured) One of our regular plateletpheresis donors smiles while giving a double platelet via a Trima system. Within 5 days of donation, his platelets will save the lives of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Chemotherapy depletes a patient’s own supply of healthy platelets and may require up to seven or eight platelet transfusions per week.

Because of generous platelet donors and the support of financial donors, SDBB can continue to provide lifesaving blood products to our community. Thank You!

Make your appointment to donate platelets or call (619) 400-8251 to learn more.



Support San Diego Blood Bank with a monthly gift!

Monthly recurring gifts provide consistent revenue in support of SDBB’s greatest need to fund critical resources and blood collection services. To make a tax-deductible gift this year, please consider supporting SDBB’s Annual Giving program by joining the Visionary Circle with a monthly gift.

When you join the Visionary Circle, you will receive exclusive membership benefits.

  • invitation to a behind-the-scenes tour of SDBB with David Wellis, CEO and the SDBB research and lab teams – where you can see first-hand how we save lives. Learn about SDBB’s Cell Therapy, Precision Blood™, San Diego Mothers’ Milk Bank Center, and the All of Us Research programs.

  • invitations to special events and recognition on our digital donor wall in SDBB donor centers.



SEPTEMBER is Blood Cancer Awareness Month! #FightBloodCancer by donating blood or making a financial gift in support of blood bags and supplies to help save the lives of patients battling blood cancers.

HAPPY 69th BDAY SDBB – On Sept 11, SDBB celebrates 69 years of serving our region and saving lives.

SEASON OF GIVING – Make a tax-deductible gift before the year is up and support SDBB programs and services – Make a Gift

SAVE THE DATE – Giving Tuesday is December 3rd this year! Mark your calendar to make a gift on that day in support of San Diego Blood Bank!



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In partnership with our community, San Diego Blood Bank Foundation is the fundraising entity that supports critical resources for blood donations, advances San Diego Blood Bank’s critical healthcare role, and fuels collaboration with cutting-edge research and clinical organizations to advance cell therapy and precision medicine.