Corporate Giving

Corporate philanthropy fuels San Diego Blood Bank’s mission by providing patients access to a robust, safe blood supply. Corporate philanthropy enables San Diego Blood Bank to provide leading-edge healthcare, community wellness initiatives, and regenerative
research improving prognosis for disease.


Fueled by your generous sponsorship, San Diego Blood Bank helps fulfill your company’s goals to live and work responsibly, and to make a positive difference in the community.

Corporate Ways to Give

  • Exclusive monthly title sponsor in support of all monthly blood drives.

  • Exclusive sponsorship for our Community Outreach Program.

  • Sponsor a high school blood drive or a signature blood drive event.

  • Exclusive title sponsor for our Annual Giving Program.

  • In-kind gift sponsorship in support of our donor rewards program.

To learn more about the unique and exclusive benefits for each sponsorship level, please contact Sherry Serio, | 619-400-8188

Corporate philanthropy plays a critical role day-to-day, year-to-year in San Diego Blood Bank’s operations. We can’t thank our corporate financial donors enough for allowing us to be here for 68 years and to innovate into the future.
— David Wellis, CEO, San Diego Blood Bank