precision medicine

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San Diego Blood Bank is bringing greater precision to transfusion medicine through DNA Analysis.

There are over 100 blood groups in humans, and an individual person belongs to one blood type in each of these groups. When chronic transfusion patients receive blood, donors and recipients are matched based on their A, B, O, and Rh- or Rh+ blood types. The goal is to avoid “anti-self” responses by the patient’s immune system, which can lead to potentially fatal clumping of blood cells.

Patients who receive multiple transfusions – such as leukemia patients, other cancers, kidney disease, bone marrow disorders, and sickle cell disease, are at risk for adverse transfusion responses.

The San Diego Blood Bank envisions a new standard of care…

Today, the San Diego Blood Bank will implement the next generation DNA analysis to genotype our donors to more precisely match their blood donations with their patient recipients.

This information ensures that a patient who needs a blood transfusion is more precisely matched to the recipient to reduce the risk of complications.  

This approach takes into account individual variability in genes for each patient and aligns with precision medicine to allow the SDBB, physicians and researchers to predict more accurately the best treatment strategies for transfusion patients.

SDBB will partner with hospitals to measure clinical results and to ensure excellent patient outcomes.

Partner with us. Help revolutionize transfusion medicine by impacting 5,000 patient lives!

My sister received a blood product from San Diego Blood Bank and it was the first time I had ever heard of them. Being a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, I saw the opportunity to work here and make an impact on an issue I am passionate about, that directly affects my family.
— Josephine Ola, Medical Tech I, SDBB Quality Control Lab

$2,500 funds the DNA analysis of 10 blood donors
to advance precision medicine.