Cell therapy

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Cord Blood Banking

The San Diego Blood Bank is a primary cord blood provider! We collaborate with San Diego and Southern California hospitals to collect umbilical cord blood after the birth of a
healthy full-term baby.

Umbilical cord stem cells provide hope for a cure and new life for patients in need of a transplant or life-threatening medical conditions such as leukemia, lymphoma, immune diseases, metabolic disorders, autism, stroke, and cerebral palsy.

The cord blood is processed and stored at the San Diego Blood Bank and is donated anonymously for the use of any patient in need of a lifesaving bone marrow transplant. Each certified cord blood unit is listed on the “Be the Match” National Marrow Donor Registry making it available to patients around the world for a match.

The positioning of the blood bank, and the cord blood bank in particular, have really offered up an opportunity for us to leverage our current high-quality product generation not only for blood transfusion, but also cord blood transplants in ways that go beyond the standard.
— Rob Tressler, Vice President of Laboratories, Cell Therapy
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SDBB is pioneering a public tissue bank—a breakthrough
for the aging population.

Public Tissue Banking


A broad variety of age-related disorders such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune and neurological deficits are a growing medical burden on individuals. Researchers have discovered that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can play a critical role in not only maintaining health, but also in regenerating diseased or damaged organ tissue.

This has launched a new era of regenerative medicine that continues to expand. Clinical trials with MSCs for the treatment of heart attack, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, stroke, arthritis, autoimmune disease and brain injury are underway. The supply of MSCs from the SDBB public tissue bank will support research and clinical trials. Currently, umbilical cord tissue is discarded as medical waste, and is a primary source for MSCs. MSCs are a rich source of young functional cells that help the body heal itself.

In collaboration with academic, biopharmaceutical and clinical research and development organizations, the establishment of
the SDBB public cord tissue bank will enable research and development of new cell therapies in regenerative medicine for
age-related disorders. 

Your gift will help pioneer the next era of cell therapy and precision health.

Certainly, in some of the San Diego Blood Bank 2.0 initiatives, a lot of them have to do with just a tube of blood, not even a pint of blood. Investing in cellular therapies and genetic analysis of
that single tube of blood could discover
a new disease mechanism, could develop
a new therapy and impact thousands
to maybe even millions of lives.
— David Wellis, CEO San Diego Blood Bank